Fine art wedding photographer. OC, San Diego, LA and Worldwide.

"What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time"- John Berger

I am Julia, a Southern California and a destination wedding photographer. In 2011 I attended a photography workshop which changed my life forever. With an old Canon Rebel in hands I took the very first steps into becoming a photographer. It's been a wonderful journey ever since. 

I have experimented with different styles of editing and shooting and after exploring endless possibilities, I have developed my personal style of photography.

My style of shooting is a combination of artistic, classic and documentary. Artistic style enables me to capture dreamy romantic images infused with creative flare. The classic style is more structured and provides couples with timeless images.  And the last, but not least, documentary style adds candid and spontaneous images to a couple's collection. I am a hybrid photographer. I have incorporated film photography into my workflow in addition to the digital photography. The timeless look of film, the beautiful colors and skin tones are the things that drew me to shooting film. My images are "bathed" in a natural light, "sprinkled" with an array of the most beautiful colors and lightly "kissed" by the sun.

I chose to be a wedding photographer because capturing the precious moments of your love story is the biggest reward of all. Knowing that one day your grandchildren and great grandchildren will look at your wedding photos, adds so much more purpose to what I do.

Traveling is another passion of mine. My love for travel and photography enables me to photograph weddings at the most beautiful destinations in the world.

I find simple beauty in everything I could see through the lens of my camera. 

I am looking forward to meeting many amazing couples and documenting your love for each other one frame at a time.

Feel free to reach out and let's grab coffee.